Although 114 has been declared passed. The Secretary of State has declared it will take effect Dec. 8 2022, well before it was expected to be enacted since votes are counted in Oregon well after election day and most assumed the Oregon Constitution would be obeyed.

The measure is clearly unconstitutional and will fail in court if we have sufficient resources to fight it. The Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation will be taking every legal action available to reverse this dangerous, bigoted, and ugly attack on Oregonians
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The Portland Media Wants You To Think This Is Just About “background checks.” We’ve had those for decades.
They are deceiving you.

You’ve seen the headlines. You may have lived them yourself. Violent crime in Oregon is skyrocketing. Police are not responding. Even Oregon’s most liberal politicians can’t ignore it.

“Now, though, Blumenauer bikes through the city and sees piles of garbage and people unable to cope with their afflictions. He hears about sharply rising gun violence. His car’s catalytic converter, like many others, was ripped out by thieves…. I’ve been on the scene since ‘77,” said Adam Davis, a pollster and executive director of the organization. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Seriously.”

Now Oregonians are facing a ballot measure that will make them even less safe.

Ballot Measure 114 will virtually eliminate your ability to defend yourself and your family.

No matter where you stand on guns, the simple fact is someday, somewhere you may have to protect yourself. And you cannot rely on the police. Under Ballot Measure 114, you could literally wait forever for permission to purchase a home defense firearm.

The measure requires a “class” with live fire training before a person can apply for a permit to purchase a firearm. There are virtually no facilities that will be available for this training. For first time gun buyers this could well require that you have a gun before you can get a permit to buy a gun.

The measure only allows those approved by police to provide the required “training” to apply for a permit. Police in Oregon are underfunded and understaffed. There is no plan in place to actually provide any training and virtually no  police have the facilities or manpower to provide classes. Police in urban areas are already not responding to most violent crimes. Police in rural areas are spread thin and rarely have the facilities for the required class.

The “permitting agent” can demand “any additional information” to issue the permit opening up endless opportunities for abuses.

The Oregon State Sheriff’s Association has estimated that if a person somehow could complete the required training, the permitting process would cost sheriffs almost $40,000,000.00 annually. There is nothing in the measure that provides any funding and the fees included would not come close to covering the costs. The estimate of costs to local police is $51.2 million dollars the first year and 47.5 million in subsequent years. The “anticipated revenue” is only $19.5 million dollars. The sponsors of the measure have no plan to pay for it.

“If this measure does become law, OSSA will work to address the training requirements as we can within our resources, and we will certainly help local Sheriffs to the extent possible with providing training, but it is going to be nearly impossible to provide adequate training facilities and staffing without significant state funding assistance.”

Jason Myers , Oregon State Sheriffs Association

“We do not currently offer up the training for CHL’s and we would not be doing it for this either.”

Sheriff Tim Svenson, Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office

“Not only does my Sheriff’s Office lack the funding, staff, and facilities to meet the permit process and training requirements that IP 17 outlines, I also fear the burdens IP 17 will place on the citizens I serve. IP 17 would harm the poor, the rural, and those that quickly need a firearm for self-defense the most.”

Sheriff Brad Lohrey Sherman County Sheriff’s Office

While the measure caps the cost for a permit, there are no caps on the costs for the required training, which is unlikely to be available anyway. This will mostly affect low income communities.

The measure requires that the required class (taught only by “law enforcement approved” trainers) include training on state and federal law, transfers and storage, and the “impact of suicide on the country as a whole.”  There is no indication of who would be qualified to instruct on these issues or how they become approved.

The measure requires that a sheriff or local police department issue a permit within 30 days after a background check has been completed by the State Police. But there is NO limit on how long the State Police can take to complete the background check and NO penalties if they do not complete it. There are no estimates of the cost of these checks to the State Police. But the “permit” does not even authorize you to purchase a firearm. It only allows you to ask for permission from the State Police a second time when you actually try to make the purchase. And once again, the State Police can literally take forever.

The measure requires a public list of persons who attempt to purchase firearms. Victims of domestic violence will be at risk for all their private information being made public along with their efforts to purchase a firearm for self defense.

The measure creates a whole new category of victimless crimes at time when the police are grossly underfunded and real criminals are being released onto our streets.

The measure requires a permit from local police (which may be impossible to get) just to apply for permission from the Oregon State Police simply to buy a firearm. But it also removes the one safeguard that protects gun buyers if the State Police do not complete their background check.

State and Federal law allow the transfer of a firearm if the state police don’t complete a background check in 3 business days.  This measure removes that safeguard. So a single mom with threats against her and her children could literally wait forever to get permission to get a home defense firearm.

The measure outlaws the most common firearms ammunition magazines. These are the magazines that come standard with most modern firearms. The measure limits magazines to 10 rounds.  Police officers typically carry 17-20.  

The ballot measure flatly outlaws almost all home defense shotguns, but it also outlaws the most common shotguns used for trap and skeet events. Many of the people competing in these safe and sanctioned events are young people who were introduced to safe gun handling through these competitions. But the “magazine ban” component will make them unlawful to purchase. They will also be illegal to transport unless they are disassembled.

All of these issues have been ignored or purposely misconstrued by the sponsors of the measure.

Video: Get the facts before you vote.  It could literally mean the difference between life and death. 

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